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Why Should I Foster A Dog for German Shepherd Rescue?

Well, why not?  Why not open your heart and your home to a deserving German Shepherd who only wants someone to belong to and a warm bed to sleep in at night?  Some of our dogs who need fostering are "seniors" and, if you have never had a senior dog before, you don't know what you are missing.  They are delightful ... grateful, calm, mellow, and not as needy as some of our younger "pups".  Some of them are not that old but because of various reasons do not do well in a kennel situation.  They will "blossom" in a home situation and therefore become so much more adoptable.  Others would benefit from some obedience training, and some have special medical needs that are difficult to fulfill in a kennel environment.

We have a list of foster dogs and we would be more than happy to contact you if you are interested to see if we can make a "match".  Not every dog on our web site is eligible for fostering, which is why we will get in touch with you and let you know which ones we think would benefit from a foster home.  German Shepherd Rescue will pay all authorized expenses, including food and medical care.  All we ask of you to give is your love and commitment to a deserving dog.  And if by some chance you fall head over heels in love with your foster pal, let us know immediately and we will arrange for a permanent adoption!

If you have an interest in becoming a foster home for a German Shepherd, please fill out our "foster home application" that can be found by clicking here.  Only serious applicants, please.  Don't forget that caring for a dog is not an easy job, and it will require some time, effort, and love on your part.

Please click here to fill out our Foster Home Application!


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