Adopted Dogs 2002



These dogs have found their homes in 2002:
Stardust Bonnie Babee
Sierra Silas Liberty
Mitz Sam Duchess
Buster Jazz and Ruby Galina
Princess Samson and Ace Rock
Tillie Roxy Heidi
Ike Max Duke
Charlie Hope Blackie
Gaby Gypsy Bobby
Babs Fraulein Oliver
Billy Maverick Jett
Rusty Chevy Ally
Rolf Sony Luca
Sandy Maggie Brandy
Arwen Paris Rose Elsa
May Hunter Duke
Joey Anne Caesar
Kyra Lee Marty Gracie
Spice Max Sammy
Mia Candy Katia
Duke Blondie Mandy
Anthony Lacy Max
Duke Lightning JouJou
Jeb Angel Kona
Toby Minnie Sugar
Kitty Josie Terri
Molly Sunny Kayla
Kaiser Rommer Little Bear
Johnny Benny Knox
Piper Nicholas Shanna
Rommel Amelia Bullet
Reina Inga Bingo
April Diamond Gable
Nika Betty Whiskey
Bridget Ben Beau
Roper Brooke Poppy
Buster Rocko Chief
Junior Marcel Ben
Samson Diego Sabrina
Shakira Boone Lucy
Chester Sabre Baron
Hannah Sig Bridgett
Fancy Kiah Koko
Maddie Mara Venus
Shere Khan Cisco Elsea
Daisy Simba Buddy
Moonshine Keesha Banjo
Sage Daisy Chakara
Chance Major Wolfie
Rock Gemini Clara
Ace Jade Pepper
Schultz Lance Princess
Sassy Bear Rex
Teddy Carson Cisco
Blake Francesca Toby
Betsy Nikki Katie
Rocky Dino Brandy
Baby Jake Heidi
Chico Cowboy Little Boy
Cassidy Summer Dillon
Katie Lucky Princess
Suzie-Q Tiffy Boone
Allie Frankie Bambi
Norma Jean Braveheart Reno
Lisa Expo Karat
Max Hannah Sandie
Puppet Spice Clover
Serena Roxy Sparkle
Shyla Rebel Stella
Mojave Bobby Dallas
Ninja Fargo Blitz
Duchess Cyrus Billy
Sheba Pepper Betina
Rusty Cassie Vincent
Precious Patton Maxx
Ellie Sheba Zoey
Ruby Dakota Shasta
Tasha Cooper Lord Byron
Sandi Dieter Georgia
Snuffy Braun Kaiser
Sasha Secret Hailey
Georgie Hogan Shelby
Fletcher Ivory Roxy
Ulysses Trista Summer
Girlie Lucky Runner
Otto Charlie and Rosie Jake
Wendy Murphy Conner
Chad Raggedy Anne Baby
Guinevere Tya Thor
Spenser Tyler Bella
Lana China Skipper
Big Mac Homer Lacey
Bristol Kathy Maxine
Wagner MacGregor Monty
Greta Heidi Jaeger
Talon Minnie Max
Cheyenne Scarlet Lola
Sultan Maverick Duchessa
Marley-B Isabella Alexis
Nash Josie Joshua
Hera Sadie Coal
Roxy Princess Keaton
Elly Stella Auto
Cooper Jackson Puppies
Megan Gypsy Casey
Reggie Kuma Kiley
Brandon Toby Daisy
Emma Lola Duke
Ike and Inge Alaska Dylan
Brady Nikki Ty
Baya Susie Macy
Heidi Raskar Maddie
Elsa Rocco Mackenzie
Heidi Lucille Zeni Charlene
Heidi Galpo Geno
Forest Wally Jessie
Lloyd Chip Philo
Summer Will Karma
Jennifer Jewels Ben
Tonya Max Odin
Echo Merlin Sabrina and Maxine
Pancho Duchess Ally
Tina Inga Maggie
John and Cabot Misty Maximus
Grace Bree Mae
Sparkle Gemini Marcus
Victoria King Stat
Cherokee Chance Legs
Molly Faith Spirit
Callisto Rounder Nikki
Caesar Jesse Garnet and Cesar
Hailey Caliber Zeke
Roxie Colby Max
Asia Gretchen Houston
Cecelia Lucky Noble
Nina Georgia Taz
Corey Dancer Fletch
Bingo Tawny Cody
Farra Zeus Max
Lexus Sarg Antoinette
Jazzy Rambo Genevieve
Daphne Nugget Roto


In 2001, we adopted out well over 500 dogs!  That just shows you how many purebred German Shepherds ended up homeless last year.    Click here to see the list of dogs adopted in 2001.

Until the pet overpopulation problem is under better control through spaying and neutering of companion animals, all we can do is to continue helping as many dogs as possible.  Sadly, even though we were successful in finding homes for all of the dogs listed here, there were many more that we had to turn away because our rescue was full.  We hope to help even more dogs this year, so that fewer of these wonderful pets have to die in local animal shelters!  Please help us by encouraging friends and family to spay and neuter their pets, and to be responsible pet owners!


Although we try to post ALL of the dogs on the web page, some of them come into the rescue and get adopted before we can even take their picture!  We will try to put as many of the dogs up on the web site as possible.  We find great homes for anywhere from 20 to 30 German Shepherd Dogs a month, so check back often!



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