Adopted Dogs 2003



These dogs have found their homes in 2003:
Faith Phoebe Akela
Lady Kala Mesha
Winter Shayla Mona
Chloe Shelby Caesar
Tyler Princess Jinxy
Bruno Courtney Sassy
Camilla Crystal Champ
Noel Sander Xena
Darling Angel Bucky
Sam Lady Max
Mason Cloudwalker Lilly
Lady Princess Lucky
Tiki Sheba Bruno
Luke Rocket Corona
Ben Sofie Tyler
Beth Baxter Mia
Shiloh Jerry Jazzie
Charlie Cab and Chard Hayden
Bruno Sydney Candy
Gretchen Sasha Nathan
Prince Bentley Diamond
Czar Cosmo Carter
Gigi Sugar Natalie
Chance Buffy Bianca
Carrie Monsoon Grace
Cleo Big John Austin
Bobby Lady Jane Willow
Sheba Maverick Bear
Asher Bruno and Bella Blackie
Sterling General Daphne
Shaq Jack Duke
Sampson Maxwell Sir Buzz
Sahara Sasha Zeus
Chloe Sheppie Yuki
Presley Cindy Star
Shadow Jack Rocky
Laurel King Bruno
Rex Amber Holly
Makena Bear Levi
Ellie Codey Cheyenne
Barbie Mimi Spunky
Blitz Rommel Harley
Doyle Maui Priscilla
Skipper Elsie Zeta
Cameo Magnum Radar
Gretel Stormy and Charm Duke
Micah Skyler Missy
Grizzly Coco Yuki
Boxer Ciaran Axel
Becky Bogart Daisy
Sparky Verona Tootsie
Zachary Lilly Seffi
Honey Clover Perla
Jubilee Lulu Shaq
Star Macy Zachary
Truman Kona Duke
Cody Bailey Brody
Challenger Zane Monet
Kramer Reina Blackjack
Jessica Marley Missy
Nero Angel Myles
Zach April Sparkle
Diedrich Tyra Shane
Diego Jasmine Lucky
McCloud Bella Kika
Wyatt Pirate Lacey's Puppies
Murphy Gage Sadie
Gunther Katie Daytona
Toto Nina Chrissy
Maggie Trooper Carly
Bert Nova Jake
Harley Annie Dude
Kaiser Ivan Chyna
Bear Tinkerbell Chance
Schafer Snickers Summer
Denali Spirit Skye
Aiko Sunshine Hunter
Scooby Pacino Courage
Stormy Beratta Candy
Rex Zachary Blaze
Wiley Billy Jo Taylor
Elly Vinny Sara
Buddy Ishka Ernie
Maggie Chloe Duke
Jane Marla Dickens
Chase Lexi Pino
Sonny and Cher Blake Harrison
Megan Lancelot and Guinevere Sara's Pups
Lexi Sinjin Velvet
King Mia Sheba and Knuckles
Holly Whistler Baby
Sable Norah Joey
Sheba Jake Mercedes
Powder Hazel Buddy
Stuart Sadie Guinness
Kimo Hudson Captain
Hailey Dalton Jazz
Quincy Ariel Luca
Maximillian Joy Goliath
Bandit Harrison Dudley
Maxine Lucy Tundra
Ginny Lady Kona
Jordan Kate Doc
Bentley Casey Lugar
Kobi Princess Wagner
Snow Kinley Duke
Rusty Wilhelmina Aspen
Clyde Lefty Kiko
Hudd Rosie Bob
Stacie Shatzi Thelma and Louise
Gypsy Ozzie Sam
Ruger King Shay
Logan Lisa Bobby Sue
Daisy Blue Cody
Sarah Chip Lance
Daisy Zigfried Midas
Cambria Chance Shasta
Debo Maximillian Lacey
Luke Chloe Katy
Junior Flynn Gem
Gina Sultan Andee
Iago Ellis Lucky
Duke Maiko Indy
Brooke Hass Dakota
Tex Wendy Bud
Sandy Canella Simba
Loba Mariah Woodrow
Kona and Ozie Faith Vadar
Elsea Sahara Max
Francis Lola Hans
Gretta Rocky Ashe
Cooper K8 Cowboy
Max and Riley Thunder Zoe
Dexter Sadie Sarge
Sparky Chip Cue
Mick Serena Maverick
Penny Mya Eva
Gus Bobby Nikolai
Emma Logan Smokey
Jenna Frosty Breezy
Elwood Bingley Barbie
Cinder Chase Daisy
Jaeger Roscoe and Lady Mercy
Lobo Lucy Patsy
Luna Sheba Boomer
Jack Sheena Dyznee
Lola Holly Pip
Cassidy Jamie Lucy


After September 11, 2001, we noticed a slow down in adoptions.  We placed over 470 dogs in 2002 -- not quite as many as the previous year.  However, we hope that the economy picks up, and that more dogs will find homes (or stay in their homes) this year.  Click here to see the list of dogs adopted in 2002.

Until the pet overpopulation problem is under better control through spaying and neutering of companion animals, all we can do is to continue helping as many dogs as possible.  Sadly, even though we were successful in finding homes for all of the dogs listed here, there are many more that we had to turn away because our rescue is full.  We hope to help even more dogs this year, so that fewer of these wonderful pets have to die in local animal shelters!  Please help us by encouraging friends and family to spay and neuter their pets, and to be responsible pet owners!


Although we try to post ALL of the dogs on the web page, some of them come into the rescue and get adopted before we can even take their picture!  We will try to put as many of the dogs up on the web site as possible.  We find great homes for anywhere from 20 to 30 German Shepherd Dogs a month, so check back often!



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