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Mona and Lisa


Mona and Lisa are 5-6 year old Anatolian Shepherds.  They are siblings, and would like to go to a home together.  Their owner passed away, but these girls still have plenty of love to give and would like to find a home to live out their golden years.

May 28, 2005:
Mona needs a leg operation! 

She started to limp and we took her to the veterinarian.  We need to raise the money to pay to have her leg operated on so that she can walk without pain. 

If you would like to donate to Mona's surgical fund, please click here to learn more about making a donation, and be sure to specify that you want your contribution to go to Mona!!!

Mona needs an operation on her leg!!!

Mona and Lisa are currently staying at our Tehachapi Sanctuary.  If you are interested in giving a loving home to these wonderful girls, please click on the button below and fill out our online adoption application.

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