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This is a sad story...

One Sunday morning, Grace came in to the rescue to find Abby tied by a piece of string to the front gate of the rescue.  She was absolutely skin-and-bones.  This poor girl hadn't had a real meal in months.  It appears that she had been eating anything she could find just to stay alive.  See her picture below to see what Abigail looked like upon her arrival, compared to the beautiful dog that you see now!

We brought her into the rescue and have been nursing her back to health and trying to put some weight on her.  She has a huge appetite, and is starting to make progress.  We have learned that Abigail suffers from pancreatitis, a condition which occurs because her body does not manufacture the enzymes required for normal digestion.  With daily medication, this is not a life-threatening condition, and Abigail will live a long and happy life in a home that will administer her medicine regularly with her meals.  Abby is continuing to gain weight and we've even seen her smile!

The vet believes that Abby is about 10-12 months old.  She is a beautiful girl.  She is very sweet and shy, gets along well with other dogs, and is very friendly.  She did really well at an in-store adoption event.  She is going to be a great dog for a very special home.  Let's create a happy ending for this little girl.

Abigail had been adopted, but the situation did not work out because she still has occasional bouts of diarrhea.  Usually, the diarrhea was triggered because Abigail ate something that she was not supposed to eat.  Like the time that she opened the refrigerator in the middle of the night and ate almost everything inside.  Abby is a smart and clever dog.  She needs a family who will be very strict about giving her medication, and keeping her on a quality kibble diet that does not contain corn.

Here is what Abigail looked like when she originally arrived at the rescue:



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