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Agnes' story is another sad one.  She ended up in the South Central Animal Shelter, which is a very "high-kill" shelter from which very few dogs are adopted.  Her chances of getting adopted were very slim to begin with.  To make matters worse, the shelter had marked that this 6-7 year old girl was 12 years old!  A death sentence for any dog at a shelter!

Agnes was not in good condition.  She was extremely thin, and had probably been used for breeding, then let loose to fend for herself when they no longer needed her.  She had lost part of her ear and needed to have treatment for an ear infection.  She was in very dire straits.

In spite of her condition, this elegant dog sat proudly in her kennel at the shelter, with her paws gracefully crossed.  One of our volunteers saw her there, and was haunted by her soulful eyes and her poise in the middle of the chaos at the shelter.  The volunteer knew that the next morning, Agnes would be taken to the "bump room" to be put to sleep.

We are glad to say that Agnes' luck changed at that very moment.  Our volunteer got her safely out of the shelter and brought her to a veterinarian.  Her ear was tended to, and she got her first decent meal in days.  Today, her coat is shiny and full, and her ears have been treated.  Although her ear will never be the same, we believe that she is still a beautiful girl who deserves a wonderful home.  She is so full of love and the will to live.  Agnes is a very loyal girl who never had a chance to enjoy life and to be valued.

Can you give Agnes the chance she never had?

Agnes is currently in a foster home.  If you wish to meet her, please send an email to robin@gsrescue.org, or call (323) 257-9634 and ask how you can arrange to meet Agnes.


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