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Agnes is a beautiful 8 year old black and tan girl with the health and vitality of a much younger dog.  Agnes has had little in her life, so when she got a wonderful foster home after being boarded at a vets office for a year, we all celebrated.  Unfortunately, we just heard the bad news that the foster family has some difficulties and will be leaving their home for some period of time.  Agnes loved her life with the other dog in the family.  They could romp and play for hours, but then collapse together for a nice long nap.  Agnes was immediately wonderful with the tiny tot in the family.  The baby sometimes would even sleep snuggled up to Agnes' big warm body.  Agnes appreciates everything, and will be a loyal and loving family member.

Agnes is currently in a foster home.  If you wish to meet her, please send an email to robin@gsrescue.org, or call (323) 257-9634 and ask how you can arrange to meet Agnes.


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