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Anastasia is a gorgeous, classic Anatolian shepherd.  She is about 2 years old, is very tall and lanky, and weighs about 90 pounds.  Ideally, she should put on some more weight and tip the scales closer to 100-110 pounds.  This gorgeous girl is extremely sweet and loving, and really wants to find a wonderful home where she will be loved and appreciated.

Anatolian shepherds are Turkish herding dogs, and they are not a common breed.  That is why we were so surprised to see this beautiful dog sitting in an animal shelter.  Anatolians are considered a "giant" breed, and were bred for guarding sheep from large predators, such as mountain lions.  They are tall, powerful, agile, intelligent, and protective.  Anatolians require exercise and space.  They have been bred to travel great distances in the course of their herding work.  Their personality is quite different from that of a German Shepherd, although they are also very loyal and protective like their German counterpart.  It takes a special owner to have an Anatolian shepherd, so we hope to find Anastasia a home with an owner who is familiar with the breed.

Anastasia would like to thank Matt and Kara for getting her out of the animal shelter and transporting her to a German Shepherd Rescue volunteer.


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