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Bosch is a 19 month old long-haired male shepherd.  He is big boned, and comes from German lines.  He is very friendly, is good with other dogs, and does well with children.  He is housebroken and has a little obedience training, although he may need a refresher course.  It looks like Bosch was recently taken to a groomer, where they cut back his coat.  In a few weeks, it will come back to be a gorgeous, full, long-haired coat.

Bosch was a gift from a daughter to her father.  He was purchased from a breeder.  When the father retired, he decided that he could no longer keep Bosch, and he gave him away to someone who could not care for him.  Luckily, the daughter was able to get Bosch back, and asked for our help to find him a good, loving home. 


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