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Brandy is a cute and friendly 18 month old female whose owner gave the reason "too many dogs" for giving her up.  She is a sweet dog with a wonderful personality.  She loves everyone, dog and human alike, and is especially loving with children.  Her personality is more on the mellow side than that of many dogs her age.

Brandy was never housebroken by her previous owner, but she is very eager to please, so we expect that it won't take her long to learn.  Brandy walks very nicely on a leash and knows basic commands.  In fact, she sits the minute she is told to sit every time!  One of the cute things that she does is tilt her head inquisitively and make great eye contact when someone whistles.  Brandy rides very nicely in the car--even when she was riding with two other female shepherds that she didn't know at all.  This little girl has really stolen our hearts.  Please help us to find her the loving home that she deserves.


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