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Buddy is a cute 5-month-old boy.  He is a playful and awkward pup, and is growing like a weed.  He is very loving and sweet, and is already learning to be housebroken.  As with all puppies, Buddy will need a home with someone who has the time and energy to raise him and take him through obedience school.  At this age, they need lots of attention.  Buddy is growing up to be a very handsome boy.

Puppies are hard work.  They can be real rascals at this age.  Chewing and destroying things around the house are common puppy past-times.  Before you adopt a puppy, be sure that you are prepared to handle a youngster like Buddy.  And don't forget, they grow quickly.  Although he is small right now, in just a few short months Buddy will be around 60 pounds or more!

Buddy is currently in a foster home.  If you wish to meet him, please send an email to the German Shepherd Rescue at or call (818) 558-7560 and ask how you can arrange to meet Buddy.


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