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Buffy came to us with one of the saddest stories.  She belonged to a nice man who loved and cared for her.  Then, Buffy's owner married.  Buffy's new step-mother does not like dogs, and she tried for years to get rid of Buffy.  Buffy soon became an "outdoor" only dog, where she was left all alone and excluded from the family activities.  No one came out to play with her any more, no more walks through the neighborhood.  She was forgotten.  To keep her "happy", she was fed lots of Gains Burgers and table scraps.  Although her owner felt that having these treats would make up for her exile, all it did was to create a weight problem for Buffy.

Then, things got worse.  A baby was on the way.  The step-mother used this as an excuse to banish Buffy from the family altogether!  At only four years of age, Buffy had very few options.  The German Shepherd Rescue was her last resort before her owner would have brought her to the pound.  Overweight and very depressed, Buffy left the life and family that she knew all these years, and entered one of the kennel runs at the rescue.  Now, she waits patiently for someone to come along who will give her a chance to prove what a loving and devoted family member she can be.  We hope to give Buffy's story a happy ending...


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