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Charley is a sensitive boy who needs to find a very special home.  He is about 3 years old.  Charley is a very protective dog who bonds very closely with his people.  He prefers women, and becomes very attached to his owner.  He is extremely loyal, and is the type of dog that will go to the ends of the earth for the people that he loves.  He is an intelligent dog.

Charley needs a very experienced German Shepherd owner who knows how to handle an overly-protective shepherd.  He is wary of strangers, and will protect his family and his property.  Charley's perfect home would be one without children or other pets.  He needs a secure yard, and a place where he can safely stay if there are people visiting the home.

Charley was adopted years ago by a woman who wanted a loyal and watchful companion.  After several years, she found herself in a financial position where she could no longer take care of Charley.  She brought Charley to her boyfriend's home and left him there.  The boyfriend called us after it became apparent that the owner was not coming back for Charley.  He had been abandoned.


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