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Cheyenne is a darling 1-year old coated female who is looking for a quiet, understanding home.  She has had some basic obedience training and knows how to "sit" and "heel".  She has a gorgeous plush coat.  Cheyenne will remain on the small side and stay around 45-50 pounds.  She gets along with other non-aggressive dogs her size or larger.  Cheyenne loves to bury her little head in your lap so you can scratch the top of it.

This little orphan was dumped at an animal shelter by owners who didn't want her any more.  They enjoyed her as a small puppy, but then didn't want her when she grew up to the ripe old age of ONE.  We believe that Cheyenne was taunted by children, because loud children, sudden movements and commotion make her very nervous.  Cheyenne responds very well to gentle training methods.  She will do best with owners who can spend extra time comforting her and providing her with additional instruction.  In return, they will get a devoted and loyal family member.

Please take a second look at this cutie-pie!

Cheyenne is in a boarding facility because the rescue is full.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting with her or to help sponsor her boarding costs.  Please send an email to the German Shepherd Rescue at or call (714) 773-5915 and ask how you can arrange to meet Cheyenne.



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