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Clementine would make a great addition to any household.  A classic black and tan female with a beautiful coat, she is housebroken and has a calm, gentle disposition.  She is endlessly patient with children and enjoys going for walks or a good run.  One of Clementine’s favorite treats is to roll in the grass and give her handler gentle kisses.  Clementine is about 4 years old.  She does not do well with small dogs.

Clementine’s owners took her to professional obedience training and have obviously cared well for her.  Sadly, they were no longer able to keep large dogs and were heartbroken that they had to give up both Clementine and her litter mate, Jezebel.  Jezebel has since found a home, but Clementine is still waiting at the rescue for the right family to come along to adopt her.  Could that family be yours?


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