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Thanks to the kindness of many animal lovers, Duchessa has finally had cosmetic surgery to correct her damaged ears!  She is much happier and brighter as a result of this -- it's almost as if she knows that she is more attractive!  Her former owners allowed her ears to become misshapen by not caring for her properly, but they could not diminish her strong spirit and good nature!  Duchessa is still looking for a special person that understands that looks are not important -- it's heart that counts.  Could this be you?

Duchessa is a sweet girl who had the misfortune of having hematomas in her ears.  A hematoma is swelling due to blood vessels that have ruptured inside the ear flap.   Pets that paw at their ears or shake their heads vigorously can cause hematomas.  If left untreated, the ear will become painful and scarring will occur.  This is evidently what happened to Duchessa, causing her ears to be misshapen.  We are looking into the treatment for this problem, and are hopeful that something can still be done for her.

In spite of this, she is still a loving dog with a heart of gold.  Duchessa is housebroken, and gets along with other dogs if she is introduced properly.  While in a foster home, she has learned how to get along with cats.  She is very gentle, loves attention, and is good with children.  She has not had a lot of training because her owners failed to take her to obedience school, but she is a smart dog and will do well with her new owner.

Duchessa was turned in because her owners could not care for her.  Their neglect has caused Duchessa much discomfort in her life.  Now, she is looking for a home where she will be appreciated and loved for her wonderful personality and her big heart.

Duchessa is currently in a foster home.  If you are interested in adopting her, please fill out an application by clicking on the button below, or call (310) 838-6694 and ask about meeting Duchessa.



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