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This elegant girl is Dudley, a 20 month old AKC sable female.  She is very gentle and loving, and is good with other dogs once she gets to know them.  She is tall, well-built, and very athletic.  She is housebroken and very quick to learn obedience.  She looks like a fawn, with those big, gentle doe-eyes.  She is a spectacular looking girl with a beautiful face and a sweet smile.

Dudley is a little insecure, and she takes a little time to feel comfortable around strangers.  She is easily frightened by children, and is especially afraid of skateboards, roller blades, and scooters!  Dudley feels that it is her job to protect her family, and right now that means whoever is holding her leash.  She bonds very closely with her people and would do anything for them.  What she needs is an experienced German Shepherd owner who can take her through some obedience classes and teach her how to be a good family member.

Dudley was turned in by her owners because she got too big and too strong for them.  She would become bored when she was left alone in their backyard, and would easily jump their fence in search of something interesting to do.  Although this problem can be solved, Dudley's owners chose to give her away instead of trying to fix the problem.


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