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Eisen is a large, sable, 18 month old AKC male.  He is a great dog with a lot of personality.  Eisen has a very impressive and deep bark.  He was living with a female shepherd, so he gets along with some other dogs.  He is good with kids, but might be a little overwhelming for very small children because of his size.  He is still very playful.  Eisen was originally bought from a breeder.  He was born with a very short tail.

Eisen was turned in by his owner because he dug holes in the backyard when he was left alone for long periods of time.  Eisen is a smart dog who has a lot of energy.  He gets bored if he is left alone, and he looks for ways to occupy his time.  He is still a puppy, and needs a lot of attention and further obedience training.


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