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Ginger is a gorgeous 10-12 month old black and red female.  She is a stunningly pretty dog, and has a wonderful personality.  She is very sweet and shy, and submissive to other dogs.  However, she is friendly and gets along well with children.  She did very well at a recent in-store adoption event.  She is a petite girl and will probably grow to be about 70-75 pounds.

Ginger was rescued from the SEAACA shelter in Downey, where we see some of the nicest purebred German Shepherds that end up unclaimed by their owners.  When the time runs out for an owner to claim the dog, the dogs often get as little as one day to get adopted before they are euthanized to make room for the next dog.

When we got Ginger out of the shelter, she had kennel cough.  We took her to our vet where she recovered for a week before she could be spayed.  It was a small price to pay to save the life of this beautiful girl.

We encourage people to adopt dogs from their local shelter whenever possible.  There are wonderful purebred dogs that end up there through no fault of their own.  These dogs are desperately looking for a new home, and they only get a small window of opportunity to get adopted.  If you can build up the nerve to walk through your local shelter, you may find a wonderful dog like Ginger!  And you will be saving his or her life when you adopt them!  Visit some of these websites to see photos of just a few of the dogs that are in local shelters right now!  If you see a dog that you would like to adopt, call the shelter or get over there IMMEDIATELY!  Don't wait!


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