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Giselle is a very pretty black and tan female who is about two years old.  She weighs approximately 60 pounds and she will remain petite.  Although she does not seem to have had any training, Giselle is already proving that she is eager to learn.  When she came to us, she was extremely aggressive toward other dogs, but with correction, reassurance and TLC, she is learning that other dogs can actually be fun to play with!  She responds very well to praise and gentle correction, and she bonds very quickly.  It makes us so sad to know that such a sweet girl never got proper socialization so that she could enjoy being around other dogs as a pup.

Giselle was rescued from an animal shelter on her last day.  We could not understand why this gorgeous girl was not picked up by her owners at the shelter, but there she was.  She patiently waited for them, but they failed to come for her.  Luckily, she now has another chance to find a loving family.

Giselle was featured on the Saturday morning broadcast of the local NBC news.  She looked gorgeous, and was very friendly with all of the people at the station.  We received over 40 phone calls inquiring about Giselle and the other dogs for adoption at the rescue!  Needless to say, Giselle was adopted that very day!


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