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Gretchen is a beautiful 2 year old black and tan female.  She is very sweet and friendly, and is good with visitors who come to her home.  She is housebroken.  Although Gretchen would chase the family cat during the day, she and the cat would curl up together at night.  She is active, but well-mannered, with some obedience training.  She enjoys her toys and loves to run around the yard with her special stuffed turtle in her mouth.

Gretchen was a beloved family pet until one day when she made one tiny mistake.  The family was all out by the swimming pool, and there were lots of kids running around.  Everyone was very excited, and so was Gretchen.  In her excitement, she picked up the family's small dog and shook him.  He was fine, but the family would not forgive Gretchen for getting carried away.  They abandoned this sweet girl.  Won't you give this wonderful girl a second chance?


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