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Gypsy is an alert and active four-year-old female who loves to play ball.  When we throw the ball to her, she never misses a catch!  Gypsy obviously had some solid training as a young dog, because when she is reminded, she obeys commands such as "sit", "shake", "heel", and "down".  She is very well trained, and we believe that she is also housebroken.  She is a strong and persistent girl, but a great dog for someone looking for a constant companion.  Gypsy is an alpha female who does not mind male dogs but wants to be the only princess in your home.  She loves to play with toys, and will grab a stuffed bunny and run to the front of her kennel to ask you to play with her.

Gypsy is especially intelligent.  She is anxious to have an owner that will take her back through obedience school so that she can show just how bright she is.  She can play rather rough, so she needs an adult-only home, preferably someone experienced with German Shepherds who can see that she will respond well if given praise, attention and consistency.  This beautiful girl was rescued from an animal shelter on her last day.


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