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Jaeger is a very stately looking older gentleman who ended up in an animal shelter in his golden years.  He is approximately 7-8 years old, with a very aristocratic appearance.  Jaeger is a big, classic black and tan male.  He is gentle, quiet and appreciative of any attention that he receives.  He is in very good health.

Jaeger was slated for euthanasia in a Central California animal shelter.  He had waited and waited for his owner to come for him, but no one ever came.  The attendants there called us desperate to save this wonderful boy's life.  An elaborate caravan was devised to get him down to German Shepherd Rescue where he is now safe.

We don't believe that Jaeger is any less desirable just because he is older.  We hope that there is a family out there that feels the same way who will welcome him into their fold.


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