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Meet Jasmine, a 2 year old white German Shepherd Dog.  Jasmine's family didn't have time for her, so they brought her into the rescue to find a new home.  Jasmine was devastated.  For the first week, she didn't come out of her igloo and barely ate any food.  We were very worried about her, and some of the volunteers sat with her for hours.  She is a very sensitive and shy dog.

After much coaxing, Jasmine is "coming out of her shell", so to speak.  She now enjoys going for short walks with the volunteers, and comes out of her igloo to great the potential adopters who come to the rescue.  We've even seen her smile a few times (although you can't see that in this photograph).  Jasmine needs to get into a home where she feels safe and secure, and where she doesn't have to worry about being abandoned again!


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