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Jasper will be celebrating his first birthday without a home.  He was turned in by a breeder who told us that he was fighting with his brother.  We believe that he was simply vying for attention from an owner with too little time to give.

Jasper is a gorgeous, dark-colored, long-haired AKC puppy with a big heart.  He is neutered now, so with correction, we predict that he will be less prone to fighting with other males.  Jasper was born with a slightly deformed esophagus.  This does not cause him any pain or discomfort, however his food and water bowls must be raised to prevent him from choking.

Jasper has never had the opportunity to shine.  With better socialization and attention, he will make a wonderful, faithful companion. Won't you please help us to make certain that Jasper never spends another birthday in a kennel?

Happy Birthday, Jasper - June 10, 2000.



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