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Jetta is a gorgeous 2 year old black and tan female.  Both of her parents were AKC registered.  She is sweet and loves children, but does not get along well with cats or other dogs.  This is because she was never properly introduced to them during her puppy hood.  Jetta rides very nicely in the car, but has not had any obedience training.  Jetta has spent her young life as an "outdoor" dog, and has not been housebroken yet.  However German Shepherds are very quick to learn to 'relieve' themselves outside if taught with love and praise.

Jetta was turned in by her owners because they did not have time for her.  This was quite evident from the terrible skin condition that she had when she arrived.  We are treating her skin and expect her to be back to her full beauty in no time at all.  Her owner allowed her to suffer with this treatable problem rather than taking her to the veterinarian and getting her problem under control.


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