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This is Jewel, a classic black and tan female with a gorgeous coat and a beautiful face.  She is about 5 years old, and has lots of energy for long walks and playing ball.  She loves people and gets along well with other dogs.  She will chase a cat if it runs, but does not intend to hurt it and could outgrow this playful behavior.  Jewel is a sweet girl who is looking for a loving home of her own.  She would like a home where she is not left alone for long hours during the day as she gets lonely and insecure.

Jewel ended up at a local animal shelter.  We are not sure what happened to her owners, because she is a wonderful dog and looks well cared for.  When no one came to claim her, the shelter contacted us about this extraordinary dog.

Jewel was adopted, then returned because she was chasing the cats.  Jewel has been very depressed after losing her home, so we currently have her in a foster home.  She follows her foster mother around constantly, making sure that she is not going to be abandoned again.

If you are interested in meeting Jewel, please fill out an application by clicking on the button below, or call (310) 838-6694 and ask how you can arrange to meet Jewel.



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