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Jojo is an exuberant and forgiving boy with a smile and a wag for everyone he meets.  He is five-years-old (but you’d think he was more like two) and very handsome.  He LOVES children, but because of his size, should probably go to a home with children over six-years-old.  He is an avid ball player, and will play fetch with you until you finally tire.   Jojo likes other non-aggressive dogs, but prefers to be your special someone. Once he falls in love with you, he sticks like glue and watches your every move.  One volunteer slipped on some gravel while walking Jojo and fell down.  Instead of running off, Jojo ran up to the person on the ground and gave her kisses as if to say, “Are you okay? Are you okay?”  He bonds very, very strongly, which makes his homelessness all the more heartbreaking.  This is a dog with the strength of character and the instinct to save someone’s life.

Jojo finds cats fun to chase.  He does not like chickens, except as a snack.  He would live very well with a companion dog if introductions are handled properly.  He has had some good solid obedience training and walks and heels on a leash very nicely.  Unfortunately, his former owner neglected to housebreak him, so he prefers to be an outdoor dog.  Jojo loves to perform and would respond very well to training.  Just tell him what would make you happy, and he will do his best to oblige.   Because he was hit by a car when he was young (and his owner never had his leg set), Jojo would not be a good jogging companion, although he loves long walks.

This photograph came from Jojo's new owner, and as you can see he is doing well in his new home (that's him on the left).  We are so happy for you, Jojo.


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