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Kaizer is a gorgeous 3 year old AKC black and tan female.  Her registered name is Kaizer vom Cloud.  She has been obedience trained, is a good watch dog, and is easy to walk.  She was raised with children and other dogs.  Kaizer was purely an outside dog in the past, but she would like to be a member of a real family now.  Adult shepherds are easy to housebreak and we would be happy to give some advice on how to do it quickly.  Kaizer is a good sized female and is a stunning looking dog.  While most new arrivals at the rescue are wary of their new surroundings, Kaizer is a confident dog and just wants to please.

Kaizer's owners lived on horse property and she recently started to chase the horses.  She had been kicked by one of the horses and the owners were concerned for her safety.  Although a dog can be trained to stop chasing or "herding" the livestock, her owners were not willing to put in that effort, and they gave up on her.


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