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Kona is a sweet and loving 4 year old white shepherd.  She is very gentle and calm, and is good with children.

Kona was turned in by her owners because they were moving into an apartment.  You can tell from her condition that she was not well cared for.  Her coat is somewhat yellow from poor nutrition and from sun exposure.  She is overweight, probably because they gave her lots of food to keep her quiet.  They didn't take her for walks or play with her, so all she had to do with her time was to eat.  Kona has been left outside and ignored, and no one in the family had time for her.  Now, her owners didn't even feel that she was worth bringing with them to their new home.

We have seen white shepherds come in looking like this in the past.  Many times, with a healthy diet and grooming, their coats can come back snowy white.  Kona needs a loving home where she will be well cared for and get the attention that she deserves.  She is the kind of dog who will love and appreciate being a part of a wonderful family.


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