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Lady's story started out on a sad note.  Lady was struck by a car and left to die by the side of the road.  The motorist did not even stop to see if they could help her.  A police officer spotted Lady, and brought her to a veterinarian.  Lady's injuries were not life-threatening, but her tail was badly injured in the accident.  They tried to save her tail but the damage was severe.  Lady now has a very short stump where her beautiful tail once was.  But that does not make her any less beautiful!

The police officer was not able to keep Lady, and so, after all of this trauma, Lady then had to go to the animal shelter to await her fate.  The police officer contacted us about this wonderful dog, but there was no room at the rescue for Lady at the time, so we were not able to help.  Thankfully, another kind person rescued Lady and has been fostering her while she is looking for a new home.  Lady is very sweet and friendly, and gets along well with other non-aggressive dogs.  She is about 2 years old.  She is very healthy and athletic.  Can you help Lady's sad story to have a happy ending?

Lady is currently in a foster home.  If you wish to meet her, please send an email to robin@gsrescue.org or call (310) 838-6694 and ask how you can arrange to meet Lady.  We have several dogs named 'Lady' right now, so be sure that you get the right dog!



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