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Logan is about 2 1/2 years old, and he is a big, handsome, dark black and silver male.  He is very friendly, and is good with other dogs.  He is playful and loving.  Logan has some obedience training, and he knows "sit" and "come".  He is a strong boy and could probably use some further obedience training just to remind him.  He would be a great jogging partner.  He is very friendly, and loves people.

Logan had an owner at one time, but they did not reclaim him from the animal shelter where he sat for two weeks waiting to be picked up.  He was still wearing his old collar, but his owners had failed to put any ID tags on him.  There he sat, waiting to see a familiar face.  When we heard about Logan, his time was almost up at the shelter.  He is such a sweet and stunning big boy, we knew that he belonged in a loving home.  Now, Logan is safely waiting at the rescue for his new family to come and adopt him.


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