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Lucky is a one year old, large-boned, classic black and tan male.  He is very friendly, and is good with other dogs.  Lucky is about 80 pounds, and will probably put on more weight as he fills out.  He is a shy boy, and needs to gain some confidence.  He is very friendly, and loves people.  Lucky loves attention and bonds very quickly.  He is housebroken and knows how to use a doggy door.

When Lucky first came into the rescue, he had an upper-respiratory infection.  He is currently on some anti-biotics to get rid of the infection.  He will be available for adoption once he is over his cold.

Lucky was turned in by his owners because he "got too big".  We will never understand how someone can adopt a large-breed puppy like a German Shepherd, then be surprised when they grow to be adult-sized.  Lucky was very unlucky to have such inexperienced owners in the past.  Can you change his luck?


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