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This is Lucy.  She is a 3 year old black and tan female.  Lucy is very petite, and is a little shy at first.  She has some obedience training, and is very attentive and faithful.  Lucy loves to be petted and adored.

Lucy did really well at a recent in-store adoption event.  At first she was a little timid, but then she got the hang of it and fit right in.  She does well with small dogs and is very good with children.  She is a little intimidated by large dogs.

Lucy was turned in because she got lonely and jumped over the backyard fence.  She had not done this until her companion, a small dog, passed away and Lucy was left alone for long periods of time in the backyard.  Although she is a small girl, weighing about 60 pounds, she is very athletic and can easily jump over a 6 foot wall.


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