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Mack is a sweet boy, about 1 year old.  He is a good-sized male, and well built.  He is sweet and quiet, and loves to go for a walk.  He is very obedient on a leash.

Just after Mack arrived at the rescue, he had a small seizure.  Our veterinarian looked at him, but could not find anything wrong.  Mack went into a foster home so that he could get a little extra TLC, and so that we could observe him further.  Mack was doing great, and really seemed to be coming out of his shell.  He is turning into the bouncy, friendly one-year-old that we knew he should be.  His favorite thing to do is to run down the beach and chase the seagulls.

Then, to our surprise and disappointment, he had another seizure.  Although we had been hoping that the first seizure was a "one-time" incident, that turned out not to be the case.  Our veterinarian is doing further testing to find out the cause of the seizure.  Hopefully, we will be able to control the problem with medication, but Mack will probably need to be on that medication for the rest of his life.

Mack's ideal home would be with a family who is diligent about giving him his daily medication, and who understands that Mack needs a little extra love and understanding.  He is a great dog, and his condition should not stand in the way of him leading a healthy and happy life.  And this guy is worth a little extra effort!

Mack has been in a foster home for the past few months so that he could get the medical treatment that he needs.  His foster family has fallen in love with Mack, and has decided to become his permanent home.  They have had new sod put into their yard for Mack and he even has his very own sofa to lay on!  He is truly a member of this loving family.  Congratulations, Mack!


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