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Major is one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs you could ever meet.  He is about 18 months old, and has a beautiful full black and tan coat.  He is on the small side for a male and will probably weigh around 70-80 pounds when he fills out.  Major thinks that he is a lap dog, and craves attention.  He will snuggle into your lap and ask to be petted and cuddled.  He is housebroken.

Major is good with most other dogs, but he will defend himself if another dog shows aggression towards him.  He is great with kids and loves to play with toys.  He is a little on the shy side, but he is intelligent and is looking forward to learning some obedience.  He doesn't pull on the leash, but he likes to walk right underneath your feet!  Major is one of those dogs who likes to be right by your side, and he will lean against you so that he knows you are there for him.

Major was adopted by a family who lived in a rented home.  The landlord had originally told them that they could have a dog, and they swore to us that they had received permission.  However, the landlord changed his mind, and now Major is without a home again!  This poor guy has been bounced around a lot.  We would like to be sure that his next home is a permanent one!

Major is currently in a boarding facility.  If you wish to meet him, please send an email to the German Shepherd Rescue at or call (818) 558-7560 and ask how you can arrange to meet Major.



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