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Nigel is about a year old.  He is mostly black with some tan markings.  For a male, he is on the small side, weighing about 60 pounds.  He is very sweet, loving, and somewhat shy and insecure.

We don't know much about what happened to Nigel before he came into our care.  But from the scar under Nigel's chin, the veterinarian can tell us that a collar was imbedded in his neck because a neglectful owner failed to replace it as Nigel grew.  Because he was neglected or abandoned by someone that he trusted, Nigel is extremely needy and wants to have someone around all of the time. 

Nigel must have a home where he feels completely safe and secure, preferably with someone who works at home or could take him along to the office.  Nigel needs to know that he will never, ever be abandoned or injured again, and that someone thinks he is the sweetest, most important and best dog in the world.  Could this be you?

Nigel is currently at our rescue facility in Orange County.  Please contact the German Shepherd Rescue and we can tell you how you can meet Nigel.



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