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Princess Di


Princess Di is a beautiful and petite 8 month old coated black and tan female.  She is very sweet and submissive.  She is playful and gets along with other dogs.  She just wants to be someone's special girl.  She wags her tail at everyone who looks her way, hoping to get their love and affection.

Princess Di has probably never been anyone's princess before now.  She ended up at an animal shelter, and she sat with her matted and dirty coat feeling rejected and depressed.  Her owners did not come for her, and she was giving up hope.  The shelter had her down as being older, but our vet said that she is only around 8 months old.  Now, this little lady has something to look forward to - a new home!  Once we get her all groomed and gussied up, she is going to be a fantastic addition to her new family!


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