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Sadie was a good mother.  She gave birth to litter after litter of puppies and raised them the best that she could.  She cared for them until she watched helplessly as each of the pups were taken away from her.  After delivering her last litter of puppies, things were different.  All but one of the puppies were taken away, then suddenly Sadie found herself and this last puppy being put in the car and driven from their home.  This nice girl had done everything that was asked of her, but her owners no longer wanted her, and she was being abandoned.

Sadie and her last puppy were brought to the German Shepherd Rescue.  They were both in terrible shape, staving and dirty from neglect.  Sadie had never been given a vaccination in her entire life.  The owners said that they did not want to spend any money on the dogs, and could not afford to feed or care for them.  Then, they jumped back into their brand-new Sport Utility Vehicle and sped away without looking back. 

Sadie is a beautiful 3 year old black and tan female.  She is a sweet dog, and has been a good and loving mother to many puppies.  She is used to being around children and is very gentle.  She does not like to be with other dogs, because she seems to be afraid of them.  Sadie is housebroken.  Once she gets back into good physical condition, Sadie is going to be a gorgeous girl.

Can you help Sadie to find a home where she is loved and cared for the rest of her life?


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