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Sam is a sweet and handsome black and tan male, about 3 years old.  He is housebroken, and prefers being inside.  He is very well behaved, and doesn't dig, chew, or jump.  He has some obedience training, but is still very strong willed.  He is very loving with his family, and is loyal beyond words.  Sam is very people oriented.  He does not like to be left alone for long periods of time.  Sam gets along with other dogs as long as he is introduced properly.  He also likes to chase, so he should not be in a home with cats.  Sam likes to play with water. 

We feel that Sam would do best in a home without children, because he becomes overly protective of them.  Sam feels that it is his job to keep strangers away from the kids.  He would go to the ends of the earth to care for his "pack", and he needs some guidance from an experienced German Shepherd owner.

Sam was turned in by his owners because they were concerned about his protective nature.  They did not understand that the German Shepherd Dog was bred to herd and guard sheep (the name "shepherd" should be a clue).  As a family pet, they still have these instincts to watch over their "flock".  Some German Shepherds take this task very seriously!

Sam was adopted, but unfortunately his new caretaker became ill and had to return Sam to our care.  Poor Sam was so disappointed to find himself back at the rescue again!  If you are an experienced German Shepherd owner looking for a loyal and loving dog, please consider Sam.



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