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Samson (soft ears) and Bear (pointed ears) are 12-month-old AKC brothers who are deeply bonded and would like to find a home together.  These gorgeous boys lost their home after only nine months because, according to their former owner, they were "too big for the yard".  We're not sure exactly how it is that their yard shrunk so drastically in nine months, but we do know that Bear and Samson are anxious to have someone love and cherish them for the rest of their lives.  In return, they will provide love, loyalty and plenty of laughs.

Bear and Samson are large, cheerful and bouncy.  They love to run and play and act silly like typical teenage canines.  They adore people of all ages, but because they have not had any obedience training, we do not recommend them for a family with children under ten years old, as they could knock the children down accidentally.  The boys are very alert and affectionate, but they do not do well with other dogs or cats because they were never exposed to other animals.  Their new family should be prepared to invest some significant time in behavioral training at first to allow them to blossom into the mannerly boys that they would like to be.


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