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This is another sad story of a loyal dog who got left behind when her family didn't want her anymore.

Shauna was adopted from the German Shepherd Rescue when she was a cute one year old puppy.  Her family kept her for 8 years.  Then, they decided to move to Europe, and this loyal family member was not important enough to be included in the move.  They packed up their belongings, and left Shauna behind.

Now, Shauna is a senior citizen with a lot of love to give.  She is a sweet girl, and she is looking for a new family to join - one that will cherish her for the rest of her life.  Shauna is still an active and healthy dog.  She can chase cats with the best of them!  Shauna would like to find a home where she can go for nice, easy walks and spend time just relaxing and enjoying the company of her new owners.


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