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Shayanne is a 5 month old beautiful black and tan female.  She has had a rough start in life.  She came down with a case of pneumonia, and had to spend several weeks of her young life at a vet office.  Pneumonia can be very dangerous for such a young pup because they don't have the immunities to fight it off.  Thankfully, Shayanne has overcome the illness and is now ready to find her home.

Because she spent so much time at a vet office, Sheyanne needs some socialization with people and other animals.  She is very shy, and has yet to learn much about the outside world.  She will need someone to introduce her slowly to new things because she is very timid.  With patience and persistence, Shayanne will overcome this insecurity, but she will need a little time. 

While at the vet office, they also discovered that Shayanne has an elongated esophagus.  This is a condition that we see occasionally in shepherds, and it means that she must eat soft food from elevated bowls.

Shayanne is a gorgeous girl who deserves to find a loving home.  She will be a loyal and devoted family member.


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