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Skye came to us with a sad story...

We received a call from some women who found a sweet, older German Shepherd that had been thrown into a drainage wash.  The poor dog was injured, and could not get out of the wash on her own.  These kind rescuers rounded up a team of people to help lift Skye out of the wash, and they took her straight to a veterinarian.  Although she suffered some cuts and bruises from being thrown into the concrete ditch, the veterinarian noticed something more.  Skye showed signs of having been abused.  Her back had old injuries that indicated that she had been hit or kicked in the past.  Skye had lived a hard life, then was unceremoniously dumped into the wash like trash.

Skye is probably about 9-10 years old, and we immediately took her into the rescue.  This sweet girl is very loving, and gets along well with other dogs.  Although her back and legs are still a bit stiff, Skye enjoys going for a walk, and looks forward to her daily outings.

Thankfully, a great family has volunteered to foster Skye so that she can recover in a nice, warm, loving home.  At this point, it appears that her "foster" home will become a permanent home for this sweetheart.


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