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Stella has had a hard life.  She was used for breeding and had litter after litter of puppies.  Stella had just given birth to another litter of puppies in the backyard when her owner was arrested and sent to jail (we don't know the details).  The backyard had no dog house or protection for the puppies, so this devoted mother relied on her natural instincts and dug a den in the dirt to keep the puppies warm and safe!

With no one around to care for them, the owner's ex-father-in-law tried to do what he could for Stella, Stella's mate Smokey, and the puppies.  When it became apparent that the owner was not going to be able to return to care for the dogs, the relative contacted the German Shepherd Rescue.

The puppies all found homes immediately.  Then, Smokey found a home.  That left Stella.  This loyal and devoted mother is still waiting to find her new home.

Stella is a very loving dog.  She is about 4 years old.  She is very easy going, good with kids, and has done really well at our in-store adoption events.  Stella loves to go for walks, and is quite happy just to sit at your feet.  She needs a nice, comfortable home where her loyalty and devotion will be rewarded.


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