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Tasha is only 12 months old, but she has already had a difficult life.  She is a beautiful, petite, black and tan, AKC female.  She has been living for the last few months with an elderly woman in a mobile home.  Tasha was taught to go potty on newspaper in the bathroom.  She has had very little contact with people other than her owner, so she is very fearful of strangers.  She rarely got to go outside, and spent most of her days locked inside the mobile home.  Because of this, Tasha is extremely shy and afraid.

When we found out about this sad situation, we offered to help Tasha to find a new home where she can be the beautiful, playful puppy that she should be at this age.  Tasha is very fearful of new people, new situations, and other animals.  Her perfect home would be a quiet home without children/grandchildren and without other dogs.  Tasha needs an owner who will be very patient with her and teach her to overcome her shyness.  It will take a little time, but this beautiful girl is worth it!


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