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This is a bundle of energy named Tess.  She is between 10-12 months old, and all puppy.  She is very bouncy, and loves to jump up on people.  She is a sweet and loving girl, but she will need to go through a basic obedience class so that she can learn some doggy manners.  Tess has a beautiful, soft coat, and she weighs about 55 pounds.  She loves attention and would do well in a home with someone who has the time and energy to devote to training her.

Tess gets along well with other non-aggressive dogs, however for a female, she plays a little rough, which puts some dogs on the defensive.  We suspect that she was with another, larger dog at some point, because she doesn't seem to know when she's getting carried away and can't understand why other dogs get miffed.  We suspect that she would think that cats are fun toys that run fast.

Tess loves everyone that she meets and would make a great companion for someone with time to spend with her in obedience school, agility, or other active pursuits to help her focus her energy in the right direction.  Because she is so bouncy, we recommend a home without small children.  She makes great eye contact, and will bond fiercely with someone who will show her that she is a special girl.


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