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Tyke is a 6 month old male.  He was found wandering with Spike, who may be his father.  The two dogs were trying to find their way home, but became lost.  A kind person brought them to the local shelter in the hopes that their owner would find them there.  That was not meant to be, and the dogs soon ran out of time for a reunion with their old owner.  The rescuer brought both of these boys to the German Shepherd Rescue to help them find a new home.

Tyke is very sweet and friendly, and he gets along with other dogs.  He is on the small side for a male, and will probably fill in to be around 70-80 pounds as an adult.

Tyke did really well at a recent adoption event, and he was great with all of the kids who came up to pet him.  At the event, a trainer with the FBI's Canine Search and Rescue Team came over to visit with Tyke, and she felt that he was a great dog with a lot of potential.  Way to go, Tyke!


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