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Van Gogh


Van Gogh is an adorable, perky black and silver female who is about 2 1/2 years old.  She got her name because due to severe neglect on the part of her previous "caretaker", flies have eaten away the tips on both of her ears!  We are currently treating this condition so that the open wounds will heal, however the leather on her ears will never return.

Van Gogh is forgiving and sweet.  She rides very nicely in the car and showed her appreciation to her rescuer by giving lots of kisses!  She just arrived, so we are getting to know her better.  She is a very loving and sweet girl.

Van Gogh was rescued from a county animal shelter at the request of a kind Animal Control officer who shares our love for this incredible breed.  When our volunteer was walking Van Gogh out of the animal shelter, she was getting all kinds of dirty looks from people at the shelter who assumed that she was responsible for the terrible condition that Van Gogh was in.  It was all she could do not to tell everyone that she saw that this was not her dog, that she was trying to rescue Van Gogh so that she would be taken care of!  One person even gave our volunteer a donation when they found out that this sweet dog was being rescued by the German Shepherd Rescue!

But the story gets worse for this poor volunteer!  She took some photographs of Van Gogh just to document the condition of her ears.  When she went to pick up the photos at the developer, the person behind the counter told her that they were calling animal control to report the neglect and abuse that they had seen done to poor Van Gogh in the pictures!  Our volunteer was completely shaken by this point, and had to explain that we had RESCUED the dog, and that we had just picked up Van Gogh from the animal control department just days earlier.  Although the sales clerk was trying to do the right thing by standing up against animal abuse, they had the wrong person!

Now, Van Gogh is safely at the rescue in Burbank, and getting the care and attention that she needs.  If you would care to make a donation to help with Van Gogh's medical expenses, please send your donation to:

German Shepherd Rescue
Attn: Van Gogh
417 N. Moss Street
Burbank, CA 91502


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