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Violet is a sweet and shy 2 year old black and tan female.  She is very loving and wants a quiet home where she will be cherished and adored.  Violet is very gentle, and has to be coaxed out of her kennel.  Violet is so shy, she wouldn't even come out of her igloo to have her picture taken!  You can see that she is a gorgeous girl!  She is very unsure of herself in the strange surroundings of the rescue, and needs someone who will be patient and kind to her as she learns how to trust people again.

Violet was an owner turn-in at a local animal shelter.  They did not say why they turned her in, but Violet was very confused and depressed at the shelter.  She clearly did not belong there.  Happily, we were able to rescue her so that she can find a new family who will spoil her rotten for the rest of her life.


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